About The Artist

Hassan was born in Tehran in 1953. In 1972 he moved to Paris to study architecture. It was at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris where Hassan became an Architect DPLG, and where his sense of observation flourished through the study and love of architecture and design 1972-1979. Hassan has since dedicated his time to developing his own unique style in art and architecture. As an architect, his work includes major projects in three continents. As an artist, Hassan’s work is inspired by his experience in architecture and travels around the world.Hassan has been inspired by Canada’s natural beauty, the lively and serene nature that through the time has been a loyal muse. Hassan has developed a unique style of painting that captures the movement and changes of the landscape that surrounds him. This style is reflected in the pieces presented on his website and is constantly growing as he experiments with different techniques, colours, and compositions.

Landscape Paintings

"Saule Pleureur"_2049

Acrylic on Canvas 36″x48″


Acrylic on Canvas 36″x48″

"Spring Series"_702

Acrylic on Canvas 36″x48″


Acrylic on Canvas 48″x48″

Acrylic on Canvas 48″x48″

Garden Collection, Series of 20"x24" Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic on Board #1137

Acrylic on Board #1136

Acrylic on Canvas #1133

Acrylic on Canvas #1135

Acrylic on Board #1139

Acrylic on Canvas #1132

Contact us

E-mail : info@hassannayerahmadi.com

Phone  : (416) 485-1969, (514) 980-1133

Toronto, Ontario